A case analysis on hurricane island outward bound school

Those at Hurricane assume that it is directed for the underprivileged.

hurricane island outward bound case study summary

Hurricane competition in the US is defined by: - other Outward Bound schools in the US, especially Colorado which enrolled the most students ; - summer camps for juniors; - vacation, summer job, and other wilderness experience organizations beckoned college students; - other???

Estimated that over half of the public inquires came from Alumni word of mouth. Xwhich if you are willing to pay If course is oversubscribed, place students on waiting list.

If Volunteers were over-utilized, they might reduce donation on the grounds of their time. Chin has to advise the Board of trustees that class prices must be increased immediately, especially for the summer period. Staff must remember that they sell a product.

hurricane island outward bound case study analysis

This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. Hurricane Island is the leader of the Outward Bound system, has 3, students 70, SPD and sells a variety of courses over 50 at any of 13 sites in Maine, Florida, New York, New Hampshire and Marylandbeing specialized in sea area, for two main segments: - specific groups Vietnam veterans, handicapped youth, juvenile delinquents, substance abusers often through government agencies special programs ; - public courses??

Old, reputed and expertise in outdoor activitiesFlorida base was too small Challenging but very safe environmentLow enrollment in off-peak season Strong alumni network OpportunitiesThreats Strong geographic presence can help to capture a larger market.

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Hurrican Island Outward Bound Individual Case Analysis