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Explain 4 strategies that countries can use to increase development

Iyer's findings suggests that regions which had previously been ruled indirectly were generally better-governed and more capable of establishing effective institutions than areas under direct British rule. Initially originating in China, plague-infected rats were transported around the world in sailing vessels, sparking major epidemics at international ports such as Sydney, Bombay, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro Duplaix, We always urge you to read the methodology carefully. By raising workers' productivity, for example, it yields sustainable economic benefits. Numerous scholars have attempted to analyze and categorize colonial activities by determining if they have positive or negative outcomes. The picture that summarizes the state of the digital planet will evolve when it does. In , the confluence of American with both European and African troops in northern France, and the emergence of new virus strains, provided the milieu for an epidemic of unprecedented scope McNeill, Until World War II, more war victims died of microbes introduced by the enemy, than of battle wounds Karlen,

Should the virus mutate sufficiently to enable sustained human-to-human transmission Ungchusak et al. This type of colonial behavior led to the disruption of local customary practices and the transformation of socioeconomic systems. Extreme examples of this include Trail of Tearsa series of forced relocations of Native Americans following the Indian Removal Act ofand the apartheid system in South Africa.

The United Nations Development Programme has stated bluntly that "human development is incomplete if it does not incorporate freedom. Watch Out countries face significant challenges with their low state of digitalization and low momentum; in some cases, these countries are moving backward in their pace of digitalization.

Before it became widely epidemic in many countries, a vaccine had been developed and produced in sufficient quantities to reduce the incidence and intensity of influenza in developed countries with available vaccine, yet it still claimed over 70 lives in the US and many more elsewhere Palese, Rodney challenged this pretext and asserted the European quality of life and cost of living were only possible because of the exploitation of the colonies and African living standards were intentionally depressed in order to maximize revenue.

how america became a world power

Although a licensed vaccine and efficient therapy exists, the short incubation period and rapid progression of the disease means identification and treatment of any exposed populations is likely to present a major challenge.

I've looked at changes in technology that influence agriculture, and I've studied the development of financial markets, and in between those two, I was also studying why financial crises occur.

Create an enabling environment for improved trade in services, including preferences for LDC services exports and, within LDCs, addressing supply-side constraints and investing in infrastructure services.

Americas rise to world power

They expand on this by saying property rights give individuals the incentive to invest, rather than stockpile, their assets. Countries in the Stall Out zone can put their maturity, scale, and network effects to use to reinvent themselves and grow. While experts may hail the global spread of democracy and the lifting of the threat of nuclear war, political and economic instability has reached an unprecedented level. Have you read? Human development indicators like levels of education and healthcare also continued to improve. The range expansion of Ae. Those improvements can help at times when wars are necessary—for instance, when we are fighting against enemies with whom we cannot negotiate. It is long overdue to offer genuine hope to millions of people who for too long have been denied the prosperous future they deserve. Do they use the digital payment options available to them? Until recently, most experts defined Third World development in exclusively economic terms; for example, GNP growth, income and wealth, the production of commodities and the accumulation of capital. Third World countries cannot reverse the current trend on their own; in an increasingly inter-dependent world, they need the assistance of the industrial North. Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson argue, "institutions [established by colonials] did not introduce much protection for private property, nor did they provide checks and balances against government expropriation.

Much remains unknown about influenza and the viruses that cause it; how they arise, how the shift to new strains occurs and whether the viruses migrate between northern and southern hemispheres to become epidemic in cold-weather seasons Cox and Subbarao, They have deep resources for innovation with the ability to accelerate the penetration and adoption of digital products.

As the Human Development Report explains, "it is not the quality of life that is at risk - it is life itself.

How did the us became a world power after the spanish american war

Producing a healthy population is not only an end in itself, but also releases resources that can be used to achieve other development goals. The following section looks at the approaches and findings of such studies. Things are much better if the conflict concerns something that can be split up—such as money or land. Structural adjustment programs continue to be implemented, however. Models can also find use during actual outbreaks, as was shown in the real-time statistical modelling of the UK foot-and-mouth epidemic Ferguson et al. The range expansion of Ae. Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson argue, "institutions [established by colonials] did not introduce much protection for private property, nor did they provide checks and balances against government expropriation.

The dismantling of European empires following World War II saw the process of decolonization begin in earnest. The state is simply one actor in a much larger framework.

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Western colonialism