Against animal testing is this kind of act a barbaric or not essay

Research immediately stopped as the company presumed it would have the same fatal effect on humans. Today, we have technology that can replace jobs yet, we still use primitive procedures that no longer cater the best to our current society.

Anti-testing activists deem these unnecessary and consider them to be cruel.

Against animal testing is this kind of act a barbaric or not essay

Many people who are in favor of animal testing do not know of these safer more humane alternatives. In recent years, several companies have decided to enter the Chinese cosmetics market, which is booming to an insane degree. Other times, the ingredients are tested by a third-party or even the company itself. Their influences were rooted in the films of Mondo filmmakers , which sometimes contained similar content. The moral ethics of animal testing has always been questioned, but many cures and treatments have been found due to animal testing discoveries. There are strict laws in place for using animals for testing and research purposes, so as to minimise any pain and distress the animals may encounter. Should these animals be liberated. Animal testing has been done since at least BC; even Aristotle experimented on animals for scientific reasoning. I personally prefer supporting independent companies if given the choice, but I still view ALL cruelty-free brands as cruelty-free. Without animal testing, products would be based on theory. But is this enough?

It has kept some very unsafe substances out of the cosmetic world. This is where things get complicated.

pro animal testing argumentative essay

To keep things objective: their Caring Consumer cruelty-free list is an okay place for any beginner to start as long as you can supplement it with additional research or sources. Other times, the ingredients are tested by a third-party or even the company itself.

Animal experimentation essay

New alternatives have been developed to eliminate the necessity to test on animals. Major companies have turned their backs completely on animal testing and no longer use ingredients that were tested on animals — and a number of animal tests have been completely replaced with superior, cheaper and more effective non-animal methods. Currently, there are twelve animal research facilities in the state of Alabama "General Information on Animal Research". I do not agree with this practice simply because it harms innocent animals for products that we do not need to survive or remain with. In reality, animals [mainly cats, dogs, and mice] are the ones that endure experimentation for the future of mankind. Throughout the year 's many cosmetic companies have been trying to transition into using cruelty-free products. To some, this statement may be alarming and even disturbing — to others it may not mean much at all. Whether it is ibuprofen, eye drops, tums, etc. This is all to say that being against animal testing is not only a moral position, but it also makes sense. We are selfish and think we are the superior species, so we use animals instead of us. Imagine that you are being poked and probed by needles for the benefits of humans. Removing the wattles is sometimes called "dewattling". This means that a huge number of cosmetic ingredients used in makeup and skincare have been, at some point, tested on animals. Non-human primates, especially macaques but also monkeys, baboons, and chimpanzees, are used in a multitude of experiments. Technology is awesome and allows us to use in-vitro testing, computer models or even to replicate real human organs on microchips.

One of the most notorious users of animal testing is cosmetic manufacturers. Not just animal lovers peering in through the outside disapprove or have a disliking for the tests, but also those from within and not just the animals have a distaste for the tests too.

Originating in ancient times, animal testing is still used today. Which animals are used in tests? It is superfluous for innocent animals to undergo chemical testing of any sort, not only do they suffer, but there are other more humane alternatives to test products.

animal testing controversy essay

PETA is also fine as a source of information. Cruelty-free cosmetics differ from vegan cosmetics.

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The Barbaric Nature of Animal Testing Essay