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He invented veneer lathe and started work on the torpedo.

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A quick and curious mind, combined with a love of science and chemistry, drove him to invent numerous technological devices throughout his long life. Alfred became very interested in nitroglycerine and how it could be used in construction work. There were many 19th century examples of attacks on Enlightenment concepts, parody, and playfulness in literature including Lord Byron's satire, especially Don Juan; Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus; Alfred Jarry's ribald Ubu parodies and his invention of 'Pataphysics; Lewis Carrol's playful experiments with signification; the work of Isidore Ducasse, Arthur Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, etc.

He built bridges and buildings and experimented with different ways of blasting rocks. These rods could then be inserted into drilling holes. After his death, his estate is used to award Nobel prizes to leaders in several fields.

He also experimented in making synthetic rubber and leather and artificial silk. Britain, France, and Sardinia later joined Turkey against the Russians. The store had a modest income that helped in supporting the family.

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