Animals should be left to roam in the wild

These animals are forced into living their lives as hostages in cages locked away.

why are zoos bad for animals debate

Allowing animals to be free is better for them because they will be allowed to see the beauty of the world just like humans. Extinction Extinction is a tragedy. Modern enclosures were now more varied and, as a result, the number of animals showing signs of frustration had fallen, she said: "What we object to very strongly is the implication that we can't do this, but we can and we are.

why animals should not be kept in captivity

Bostock, Stephen St. Zoo animals are already becoming obese just like humans in richer societies and for the same reasons — too much energetic food and not enough exercise.

should animals be kept in zoos pros and cons

Animals cannot live in captivity like they do in the wild, and too many things can go wrong. Think about sitting in the seat of a low-cost airline.

Why zoos should be banned

Though we can try to mimic their habitat in a confined environment in the Zoological Parks and Wildlife Sancturies, still they are no good as jungle to the animals. That is, animals act like logical consumers and try to maximise their cost-benefit ratio. RE: Jungle or Zoo - Which is the right place for animals? Stevens, and Terry L. I positively believe that animals should not be kept in zoos. A much longer and more pleasant life would definitely be sustainable in this situation. Messenger The sad death of a tiger keeper at Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire, England, has led some to question whether this accident was related to the amount of space the captive tigers had access to. Thus tigers, like most zoo animals, now need to work for a living. Such changes would at least stimulate the animals, giving them a more varied life. So what do you think: should zoos become extinct? Most people do not know the rights that humans cane make to keep animals safe in environments like wildlife preserves such as national parks where they can be protected and live a safe normal life.
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Tigers can roam for hundreds of miles