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It provides useful projections for the health sector to anticipate and implement heatwave response plans to ensure staff and facilities are available. How much can air conditioning increase air temperatures for a city like Paris, France?. Visual overlay mapping using Google maps and the establishment of a website makes this study useful for casual interest as well as those involved in emergency response and climate adaptation planning. The very moist air contributed to the development of severe thunderstorms in parts of Victoria on the evening of 30 November, including one that affected the regional city of Ballarat with large hail, strong winds and flash flooding. Melbourne experienced 3 days above 43C. Bormann, Temperature response to future urbanization and climate change. The problems considered are increasingly inter-disciplinary. Castro, P. It goes into detail in mapping economic dependencies and interconnectivity within and between sectors making them more vulnerable to climate impacts. While Maximum daytime temperatures Tmax for Sydney are projected to only increase slightly and mostly in the winter, most of the change will be seen in substantial increases in nigt-time temperatures Tmin , particularly in Spring and Summer months. Jacobson and Ten Hoeve contend in their study that the Akbari study "did not use a global model to simulate whether the conversion caused a net cooling or warming of global climate.

Developing countries are much less responsible for greenhouse gas emissions than are fully developed countries Brooks, The report says it cannot distinguish in this event between advancement of mortality or additional mortality.

Journal of Development Communication.

bibliography of global warming and greenhouse effect

As we are in the midst of extreme climatic change prevention is no longer an option, however many scholars have outlined the way in regards to tackling adaptation and mitigation. Critique: Akompab, D. Hsiung, R. VNcp-B93P0o Summary: Examines the impact and vulnerability of the Melbourne heatwave on infrastructure and discusses actual and potential adaptation responses during the event.

Annotated Bibliography 18 References Bernstein, A.

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Critique: Hall, G. In firmly places the level of mortality from heat related events far above that of any other natural disaster in Australia.

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Key findings include that climate change is already increasing the risk of bushfires, with the fire season in south east Australia becoming longer with less opportunity for hazard reduction burning.

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An annotated bibliography on the greenhouse effect and climate change