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Individual Differences in Infant Attachment Patterns Although Bowlby believed that the basic dynamics described above captured the normative dynamics of the attachment behavioral system, he recognized that there are individual differences in the way children appraise the accessibility of the attachment figure and how they regulate their attachment behavior in response to threats.

When a parent or caregiver is abusive physically, mentally, or emotionally, a child may experience this abuse as being frightening or even life-threatening These children are often called anxious-resistant.

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Understanding our styles is very important as it helps us be aware of our strengths and vulnerabilities in relationships so as to find ways to make our relationships work schultheiss, D Evaluating two theories that explain the development of the infant attachment to parents or surrogates.

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 30 3pp Fraley, for example, collected self-report measures of one's current attachment style with a significant parental figure and a current romantic partner and found correlations ranging between approximately.

Due to this fact, the adult gains either secure or insecure attachment to their romantic partner.

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In other words, the same kinds of factors that facilitate exploration in children i. In such cases, Bowlby believed that young children experienced profound despair and depression.

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These practices assist them in generating a framework for applying influential interventions on their clients. Those with undiagnosed attachment disorders can exhibit misguided attempts at protecting oneself through the use of substances Bowlby explained that these attachment systems are cognitive processes which begin early in a child's development and are likely to stay influential throughout their life through their personal expectations and behaviour.

I am somewhat uncomfortable being close to others; I find it difficult to trust them completely, difficult to allow myself to depend on them.

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A Brief Overview of Adult Attachment Theory and Research