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Read more Coconut Shell Charcoal In major importing countries coconut shell charcoal is mainly used in the manufacturing of activated carbon. Read more Oleoresins of Spices by Steam Distillation Process Different processing methods are required to extract essential oils from different plants.

It is a major tourist attraction and also has the highest literacy rate in the country.

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It is convenient to use dry yeast powder for bakeries because it is handling is simple and its preservation easy. Spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, etc. March 27, IST Updated: March 28, IST more-in Only dealers can provide and affix the plates that have a host of inbuilt security features From April 1, all classes of motor vehicles hitting the road and being registered in the State will come fitted with tamper-proof high-security registration plates HSRP that have a host of inbuilt security features. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, bars, homes etc….. According to industry observers, India? The demand for coconut shell charcoal and activated carbon will be increased….. They are used in various parts of the automobiles. Fully matured nuts give high yields of copra of good quality….. It is a source of calcium and iron and many other minerals….. Small, medium and large scale business initiative procedure have been thoroughly streamlined. Yet another amazing fact about Kerala is that it is the only state in India that has a higher ratio of girls than boys. Special concessions given to the IT sector have prompted many major software industries to set up their operations in the state.

How To Start A Food Truck Business In India First of all, you should create a food truck business plan which would act as a roadmap to the future growth of your food truck. The more light that hits a cell the more electricity it produces, so spacecraft are usually designed with solar panels that can always be pointed at the Sun even as the rest of the body of the spacecraft moves around, much as a tank turret can be aimed independently of where the tank is going….

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Since you get a one year warranty on new ones, you would be relieved of the daily maintenance cost of the equipment. Read more Bamboo Furniture The bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen except for certain temperate species plants in the true grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. The species like Bambusa bambos and Dendrocalamus strictus are adapted to the dry plains and hilly tracts. They are mostly eaten fried, and are sometimes salted or sugared. Fully matured nuts give high yields of copra of good quality….. Read more Municipal Solid Waste Management Due to rapid increase in the production and consumption processes, societies generate as well as reject solid materials regularly from various sectors agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional…. Bamboos comprise about 30 genera and species of which about species occur in India….. So, the total cost of the final truck old without kitchen equipment is Rs 5 lakhs. The HSRP has to be affixed in all motor vehicles defined under Section 2 28 of the Motor Vehicles Act, and as per the prescribed standards notified by the Union government on December 6, It is obtained from heat treatment of the fresh bran. The permanent number will be preceded by two alphabets indicating the name of the vendor, manufacturer, or supplier, for whom the type approval certificate is issued.

The plates will be fitted on the front and rear of the vehicles and windscreens will have a number plate tag with hologram. The registering authority, registration number, laser-branded permanent number, the engine number and chassis number will all be on the sticker.

The species belonging to the genera such as Ochlandra, Bambusa and Dendrocalamus are seen extensively growing in large forest areas as bamboo brakes and reed brakes.

IT parks have already been opened up in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. Spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, etc.

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Read more Coffee Plantation The genus comprises species of shrubs or small trees indigenous to tropical Africa and Asia. But to save costs, you can start with an old truck which would cost half the price of the new one.

business plan for rto kerala

It has gone through a green revolution, a white revolution, a yellow revolution and a blue revolution…. Read more Paper from Bamboo Bamboo is one of rapidly growing and high yielding woody plants.

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A Complete Guide On How To Open A Food Truck In India