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community profile essay nursing

The services are aimed at a wide range of age groups and offer support to those suffering in the hope of cutting down the alcohol, or completely cutting it out of their lifestyle. With alcohol being such a large issue within Middlesbrough at the present time, local services and its users may benefit from a community profile in order to identify areas for improvement.

Tertiary prevention aims to reduce the impact the disease has on the person and aim to promote a good quality of life through rehabilitation Department of Health - Publications. They are then allocated to a support worker who works one to one with the individual and starts to develop a recovery plan.

Community profile essay example

Employment would enhance the well-being and health of the people who live in the community, a mobile creche could be arranged at the community centre which would benefit the high number of single mothers living on the estate who are at risk of losing their benefits if they have school aged children and are not in employment. I feel that Ardoyne is familiar enough for me to carry out my research as I have lived here all my life. Many people who misuse alcohol end up in hospital and within the last year out of every , of Middlesbrough's population, 3, people were admitted to hospital. The borough has a working population of , however, Brierly Hill still today remains a deprived area, a third of the working population have no formal or recognised qualifications and average incomes for workers are amongst the lowest in the West Midlands. Areas most in need can be reviewed using a community profile and make improvements to services accordingly. In circumstances like these where a health issue is having a considerable financial impact, a community profile may be beneficial if planned and written thoroughly and accurately. Nurses need to provide personal care and therapeutic interventions. This is where the person starts weighing up the pros and cons of changing before coming to a decision about whether they are ready to make the change. The reason behind this is, not only the employers have access this information, but the public in general. This then makes the transfer between community and hospital setting a much easier one especially for the patient who is likely to be finding it hard enough Public Health England.

For example, a routine dental appointment could be an opportunity to offer advice about stopping smoking. My observation from walking around the Hawbush Estate The first time I walked around the Hawbush estate it was at 6pm on one Friday evening in Octoberduring this time I noticed that there were quite a few young people who had congregated in the play area located near Hawbush Primary School.

As stated previously, Middlesbrough has as estimated population ofThere are many reasons why a community profile is written.

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Search our content:. However, nursing isn't just about personal care, it's also about teaching, policy and knowledge development and management Royal College of Nursing. This means that they are non-statutory. This model suggests that each person goes through five stages before making a change. A disappointing Each individual will benefit from this greater than a general approach for someone who comes under the label of alcohol misuse. Unfortunately, adolescents are more susceptible to the damage, however this is not to say that the adult brain cannot also be affected Dasgupta, A. Again, in comparison with Tees Valley at 0 and National crime statistics at Ill-health is caused by poverty because people are forced to live in environments that make them ill. Key stage three is usually assessed at the age of 14, the table below shows data on pupils that have achieved Level 5 or above in English, Maths and Science. The national average has a mortality rate of

This then benefits the local services and their users. I asked the shopkeeper if he knew the young people sitting on the wall opposite his shop, he said that he knew them all, as they would very often go into the shop.

Community profile example nursing

It also has more noticeable effects often as the addiction takes over. I telephoned the Hawbush Community Centre the following Monday, and talked to the lady who was the manager of the centre. This suggests that alcohol may be a local health improvement issue. G and Marmot, M. Occupations of all people in employment The most recent recorded statistics which shows the occupations of all people in employment are recorded from the National Statics website in , the following graph shows that the majority of people in employment on the Hawbush estate have higher numbers of occupations of skilled trades, process; plant machine operatives and other elementary occupations. Once an individual has a great understanding and knowledge of a subject, this then sets in motion change contemplation, even if they never act on it. Nursing is built up of intellectual skills, physical skills and emotion. Many people who misuse alcohol end up in hospital and within the last year out of every , of Middlesbrough's population, 3, people were admitted to hospital. Bibliography How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Previously, it has also been known for its steelworks, and chemical plants CSE, This means that they are non-statutory. Further exploring mortality rates and poverty, Middlesbrough once again shows poorer statistics compared to Tees Valley and the national average.

Chapter Five In conclusion it is clear that Middlesbrough has a high rate of alcohol misuse and that it is causing problems and strain within the local community and services.

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Community Profile Essay Example