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There is a concerted effort to increase recycling of rigid plastic packaging by companies as well. While the government has claimed several times that it wants to shut down all small and illegal plastic producing plants, the amendment to the rules seems to dilute this as well.

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Some Indian states have already outlawed polythene bags. Online Delivery Problem Apart from the plastic we consume through traditional retail, the popularity of online retail and food delivery apps, though restricted to big cities, is contributing to the rise in plastic waste, say waste management experts.

According to the latest report on the Implementation of Plastic Waste Management Rules published inthe plastic waste generated across the country barring six states where data was not available is close to 1. Plastic producers, importers and brand owners like fast-moving consumer goods companies will have to contribute to collection of plastic waste they introduce into the market, especially multi-layered plastic packs, which are hard to recycle.

Researchers question the actual extent of decomposition of such plastics in land-fill conditions and their implications on food security since edible starch and vegetable oil are used to create some kinds of biodegradable bags.

plastic waste in india statistics 2019

It has to be regulated at all points, strictly enforced and monitored. The per capita consumption in India is still low compared to more developed countries. But while replacement might seem like a plausible path to cutting down on plastic, especially the disposable kinds, the efficacy of the operation is still not completely proven.

Lately, another worrying aspect of plastics has been gaining attention—minute particulate plastics, or micro-plastics.

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Much of the growth in plastic production is driven by single use or disposable applications. Otherwise, as Rodrigues points out, we need to be ready to live in a world where there is plastic in our food, our water and our bodies. The policy sought to disincentivise the use of poly bags by setting up a pricing mechanism for them and also to establish rules for recycling by local authorities. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai officials were not available for comment. While there are no updated and accurate numbers on the quantity of plastic waste generated through online food delivery, the grim situation in China might serve as a warning. It has also recycled 1. One of the worst consequences of plastic waste is a lot of it ends up in the ocean. In the last 70 years, 8. And our plastic consumption is increasing.
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