Cultural insensitivity

how to practice cultural sensitivity

One would be correct to believe that such lapses of sensitivity would begin to evolve and move away from a developed, progressive society.

Although she is able to develop a list of reputable operations, she is told that it is best to fly to China directly to meet with factory owners and to inspect the facilities.

In the weeks between deciding to make the trip and actually getting on the plane, Carol spends time learning more about Chinese culture and even begins a course in Mandarin. The solution starts with you having an open mind.

examples of cultural insensitivity in the workplace

However, a failure to make an effort to educate yourself, and your team, about the cultural norms of a vendor or retailer could result in giving offense and make negotiations more difficult. Example: People who seamlessly interact with others from different cultures by following the norms of that culture.

examples of cultural sensitivity in the workplace

They see their own values as superior. Disgruntled employees: Employees like to feel appreciated and respected by their employers.

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The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Business Dealings