Customer service in 2nd generation of banking sector in bangladesh

Different research show that FI through technological approach reduced the distance of financial access point, cost to travel to an access point and travel time to nearest access point. Its customers were landless persons who took small loans for all types of economic activities, including housing.

Shariah law prevents the charging of interest on lent money. First, and perhaps most important is the security concern Feinman et al. The way they interact with each other and the corporate world is leading a shift in behavior in all generations.

Its supervisory functions have been further strengthened applying advanced banking techniques with innovative technology.

Present scenario of banking industry in bangladesh

This paper deals with the changes and trends that have been experienced by banking industry. Since origin this sector has gone through many changes. This paper focuses on all the changes experienced by banking sector. The following graph shows computerization status of bank branches during in Bangladesh. As on 3 0 June'97 NCBs had actual capital of crore with a shortfall of To comply with these laws, Islamic bankers have designed many different programs that allow for the lending of money, making of bank profits and compliance with Shariah law. They found a lot of work had already been done and Islamic banking was in a ready form for immediate introduction. E-banking requires perhaps the most consumer involvement, as it requires the consumer to maintain and regularly interact with additional technology such as a computer and internet connection Kolodinsky et al.

At the end oftotal number of transaction was recorded at Another one is a credit system which provided by bank to their customer. Banking: Trends and Changes 3.

present condition of banking industry of bangladesh

At the beginning, we must concentrate on the development of infrastructure in terms of hardware, software and manpower. Another challenge facing e-banking industry and the e-business in general is the quality of delivery service— including both delivery speed i. At present, there are thirty local private commercial banks operating in Bangladesh.

banking sector in bangladesh 2018

Active technologies on the other hand, require new behaviour and are therefore more challenging to propagate Servon and Kaestner,

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Banking in Bangladesh