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Subspecializing in an orthopedic area specific to the sport, such as rotator cuff tears for pitchers or ACL tears in basketball players, means team physicians will call on your expertise when one of their players is injured, says Ralph Gambardella, MD, orthopedic sports medicine surgeon and President at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles and orthopedic consultant to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Because athletes often experience unparalleled success at an early age, there are areas of their lives which are often left undeveloped.

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Fred Plum, MD, then-chair of the neurology department at NewYork-Presbyterian, asked Hainline how he could possibly have been a double major in philosophy and premed while also training four hours a day for his sport.

But can you really excel at both?

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They also report that their offices are comfortable, they enjoy their interactions with their coworkers, and they do not feel stressed most of the time. Rather, the team physician might be mentioned in a team news release about the player's well-being. Read Articles Related to Team Physicians:. Sports medicine physicians will see both adults and children, as well as people of both genders. You have to be able to get along with and work with other health care professionals. Most financial gain for team physicians comes from marketing efforts, not direct compensation. These individuals may be athletes, or they may be regular people. Why student-athletes? Athletes are known for their drive and determination. These sports medicine doctors develop plans to help treat and rehabilitate areas of the body after injury or surgery.

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This is one of the benefits of becoming a team physician. They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. While sports medicine is not recognized as a residency specialty, prospective sports doctors can complete a year sports medicine fellowship program after residency. Faculty ratings take into account practice-based learning, interpersonal and communication skills, good judgement, empathy, patient care, and medical knowledge. Have a good relationship with other professionals. Sports doctors will care for the injury, as well as explain how to properly care for the injury while still being active. So are doctors.

For example, faculty for the otolaryngology residency program at Washington University School of Medicine, who conducted that study, now look for experience in an activity that requires teamwork, like playing sports or being part of a musical group.

Rather, the team physician might be mentioned in a team news release about the player's well-being. Marten has a bachelor's degree in English and has also received a certificate in filmmaking from the Digital Film Academy.

The team owners will be curious about the future potential for these athletes.

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They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. Then, continue working with the same types of athletes as you begin your practice.

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Also address the insurance and payment methods ahead of time so you can focus on medicine instead of the logistics going forward. Burkhardt Some of the players you treat at the minor level will end up in the majors, where you can gain your reputation and an outstanding team physician. Some institutions that boast strong athletic programs already have strong medical schools and health sciences programs, says Grover. Some physicians choose to partner with other doctors to create a joint practice, while others work under other doctors. Though the athletes are famous for their abilities, you won't become famous for your role as their physician, so don't buy into the media's allure. Additionally, in combination with a sports physical therapist , they will help the person in question return to health and be properly rehabilitated from their injury. Here are eight things orthopedic and sports medicine physicians should consider before taking on the responsibilities of a team physician for professional athletes. Such disparities have real implications for health and health care, Grover says. Team physicians often aren't able to speak with the press because of HIPAA confidentiality regulations. While team physicians often pay for the title of "official team physician" to professional teams, minor league teams don't have the same pull. Volunteer at the youth and high school level.

These doctors generally work with athletes at the professional and Division I collegiate level.

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4 Steps for Becoming a Team Physician for Professional Athletes