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The courage to make tough decisions. Also F. The answer is the same as large businesses. We got five times more response. Wondering if you should come? Read the book and it will make your marketing better. I have a few suggestions that took me some time to stumble upon. Google as many horror stories about advertising as you can find. Shame on you.

His copy has helped to sell everything from Airbus Airplanes to Mercedes Cars A sense of humour. Why not you? What you won't know is that besides writing copy for them over the past few years, I have conducted training.

Then think if you really really, really want to work in this field. Google as many horror stories about advertising as you can find. David Ogilvy said that Drayton 'knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world. Get people to buy stuff. So don't hang about, book now - and bring a colleague. It is in improving yourself. The most successful advertisements do a complete selling job. It is a matter of judgment. Write about anything. Read this specially sourced testimonial. Picture yourself as the creative director. Watch advertising actively. Skill at the art of nit picking High standards of personal ethics — good copywriters are big people without pettiness. Copy for marketing that gets measurable results. What do you better than anybody else?

It teaches you how to sell. Is there anywhere you'd rather be on a Monday? Keep reading advertising books. Do you love to learn about new things?

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USE what you have learnt from them. What do you better than anybody else?

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And three other things: Read your stuff out loud. How many of them had read what Drayton considers to be the single most important book on copywriting and marketing — Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising.

Try one of the miracle-working gurus.

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Drayton Bird's Copywriting Seminar