Early marriage research essay

Early marriage essay

Additionally, this is a highly mobile population that does not always have a fixed address or clear contact details, so it would not be easy to follow-up with respondents. All such effects can be addressed in your paper to make it sensible and an excellent piece of writing. One interview was conducted in English and the rest of the interviews were conducted in Arabic. To encourage participation, these interviews were not recorded, and were thus less detailed than those with women. This study also highlights the constraints women experience in registering their marriages legally in Lebanon, particularly women living inside the tented settlements. The majority of participants had been in Lebanon for at least one year, and some had been in Lebanon for three years. As a result, participants were additionally recruited from outside the settlements highlighting an important but unforeseen issue: the differences in the challenges faced by women living inside and outside the tented settlements.

Conclusion and recommendations The main aim of this study was to explore drivers of child marriage in the context of conflict and displacement and to generate recommendations on how best to address child marriage. All women we approached agreed to participate and there were no dropouts.

Child marriage is known to be apart of Afghan culture as a form of protection.

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To encourage participation, these interviews were not recorded, and were thus less detailed than those with women. However, this was not possible due to time constraints. In Syrian families, usually the man decides, especially for people who come from rural areas. Child marriages, which have negative effects and even permanent damages on the physical integrity and psychological health of the child, should be studied comprehensively. Results Most FGDs participants recruited from outside the settlements came from Damascus and rural Damascus while most FGDs participants recruited from inside the settlements came from Deir Ezzor governorate. In various societies, countries, and tribes it is banned and a punishable offense but still many are practicing it either in a hidden way or by ignoring the rules. In all cases, it appears that the amount of the bride price became highly dependent on the nationality of the groom and whether he is related to the bride. The young girls are expressing that one of the biggest struggles with child marriage, is not being able to receive an education.

Throughout all these countries, besides the European nations, I found that these four main factors play a common role in why child marriage happens. Although our study is small-scale and not representative of the Syrian refugee community in Lebanon, it is one of the first qualitative studies among Syrian refugees in Lebanon and highlights some important issues.

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In India, out of every 1, children born due to child marriage, 31 die before they are one year old Resource Centre for Participatory Development Studies, Such awareness sessions should particularly target men, as male family members tend to be the main decision makers in such communities.

Even though child marriages are illegal in India, priests still conduct child weddings, and guests still attend with happiness and excitement. Meriam Library. Young girls deserve to be educated and grow to be the best possible women they can in the future.

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Additionally, the potential interlinkages between child marriage and education, employment, housing and other issues are not always being made in the response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Marriage is not limited to the boundaries of state and country, which means it is a moment of celebration and a custom followed by the whole world but early marriage is not at all give you any reason for celebration.

Most respondents described financial pressures due to high rental rates, low wages, and lack of work opportunities. Although other studies may have demonstrated similar issues, each national situation of child marriage is unique, and addressing such issues would require a tailored approach.

Early marriage research essay
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Early Marriage: Child Spouses