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Mark Currie. Well, then, consider that before the novel emerged as the dominant literary form, narrative literature dealt only with the extraordinary or the allegorical — with kings and queens, giants and dragons, sublime virtue and diabolic evil.

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The third common allegory she cites is the use of game structures to represent codes of fictional systems. This is a broad, informative, and clearly articulated study on the history and debate regarding the usage of the term metafiction and its associated literary devices.

Characteristics Although characteristics of metafiction vary as widely as the spectrum of technique used within them, a pattern of several common traits can be traced.

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Authors of metafiction often violate narrative levels by: intruding to comment on writing; involving themselves with fictional characters; directly addressing the reader; openly questioning how narrative assumptions and conventions transform and filter reality, trying to ultimately prove that no singular truths or meanings exist. Some contemporary metafiction can also be called surfiction, antifiction, fabulation, neo-baroque fiction, post-modernist fiction, introverted narrative, irrealism, or as the self-begetting novel Waugh The thing is this. This paradoxical transgression of narrative boundaries is called metalepsis , an implicitly metafictional device when used in literature. As a reader, I find it all the more interesting to read a novel with metafictional elements set in more recent times. This new understanding of the medium led to a major change in the approach toward fiction. Characteristics: Although characteristics of metafiction vary as widely as the spectrum of techniques used within them, a pattern of several common traits can be traced. So all of us, you see, are really enacting events that have already been written about in some novel or other. Methuen, Non-critical metafiction does not criticize or undermine the artificiality or fictionality of a text and can, for example, be used to "suggest that the story one is reading is authentic". Now, I know what you're going to say — you're going to say that the novelist still has to invent a lot. McCaffery, Larry. The new principle became to create through the medium of language a world that does not reflect the real world. John Barth contributes a short blanket definition of metafiction as being a "novel that imitates a novel rather than the real world" qtd. The Purpose of Metafiction Proponents believe that the metafictional novel gains significance beyond its fictional realms by outwardly projecting its inner self-reflective tendencies.

Waugh, Patricia. An example would be a narrator explaining the process of creating the story they are telling.

Selected Bibliography: Barth, John.

Explore the significance of metafiction in

The claim is made that the terms meta and metafiction are vehicles primarily created by literary critics, though only as an opinion.

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Metafiction or the Self