Family trends

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Decision of young couples not to procreate. The religious rites of the traditional family such as early prayer, yogya etc.

Family trends

The eldest son enjoys absolute power of control over family property. However, single-parent families usually tend to be at greater risks of poverty as the one parent present shoulders the whole financial responsibility of the family unit. In traditional family the marriage was settled by the parents. It blocks individuals talents. Individuals are now given more choice in the type of families they wish to construct. There are other adults who have never been married. Lack of parental attention which may lead to social problems like alcoholism. Gay and lesbian households are increasingly being acknowledged as families. According to K. People find it lucrative work in organisations than depending on joint family occupations. Joint family: It is a system in which several generations of kinsmen live together in common residence and share property. Disintegration of Joint family: In the contemporary scenario, joint family system has become a rare concept particularly in Modern cities the tendency is towards nuclear family. The expenses of maintaining the family are met by all. Personality is reflected in the behaviour of individuals.

People leave home for commercialized recreation centre, which has affected the cohesion of family. Often involves risk.

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It can be dissolved easily at any time as it is settled by mutual consent of the partner. Image Courtesy : casemed.

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It blocks individuals talents. You must repay the loan, with interest, by a set date.

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American families: trends and correlates.