Fetal alcohol syndrome essay conclusion

As so many women drink alcohol nowadays some of these changes have become quiet common. All these manifestations of mental disorders emphasize the damage that metal development alcohol corruption causes.

Fetal alcohol syndrome essay conclusion

Alcohol can be the highlight of a party and make anything exciting, but also can seriously alter human life. Genetics is not to be blamed but young mothers consuming alcohol thinking that it will not affect their fetus. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome students struggle with their memory and struggle to remember the things they are being taught. Some scientists used to think that what it means is that some ethnical groups due to their historical development have a higher genetic predisposition to FAS. Alcohol is also the cause of the vitamin shortage in the fetus body. Develop uniform criteria for the collection and reporting of data on FAS and related conditions. More specifically, a disorder that will be explored in this essay is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS ; caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. You can also become one of the students, who benefit from. As described in the report, the relation between levels and patterns of drinking during pregnancy and the risk of delivering an infant with FAS is complex. The amount of alcohol consumed and the period during fetal development when it is consumed are directly linked to the severity of effects. In this schema, alcohol consumption is seen as ranging from none to light to moderate to heavy.

In Chapter 4, the committee has elaborated the principles of setting diagnostic criteria and has presented revised FAS diagnostic criteria, which it recommends for general usage. An 11 page paper that describes the pre-intervention assessment methods and the facts behind the substance abuse habits pre phd coursework in computer science a loving but highly angry year-old boy.

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In utero fetus development. Drinking alcohol will let teenager to temporary forget the problem they faced in life. Such children are completely helpless and unprotected. Pediatrics ; Along with a very small weight, length and other growth retardation, the facial changes occurring to newborns with FAS may even take the following forms: the ears may be large of transformed, infants may have a very short neck, fingernails and toenails may be underdeveloped and also have general bone abnormalities which causes body pathology and even a greater amount of functional disabilities of a FAS newborn [5]. Even though the fetal research between alcohol intake and birth defects is now indisputable, there are conclusion etiological factors associated with maternal drinking that must also be considered as contributing factors in an adverse pregnancy outcome. There is nothing that can be done in order to eliminate the effects that alcohol has had on the fetus during the period of its development. These defects occur primarily during the first trimester when the teratogenic effects of the alcohol have the greatest effect on the developing organs. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was first named and treated in the late 's. Some characteristics of FAS include growth deficiency and central nervous system dysfunction Mattson, Nevertheless, there are several aspects that need to be elaborated. These are intended to illustrate the scope and impact of FAS more fully than any individual chapter could.

They do not think ahead to the inexplicable damage that it could do to their fetus. Most women think that pregnancy is all about bringing life into the alcohol.

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In knowing how Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be prevented, fetal the researches are, and who and what make up the risk factors fetal alcohol syndrome can be alcohol understood.

Bibliography lists 3 sources. One in five hundred children are born with FAS.

Fetal alcohol syndrome disorder essay

Their behavior and mood are often instable and sometime unpredictable. These are the first signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which become the base for the following set of tests. There is no specific limit as to how much alcohol a mother can consume while pregnant Their life expectancy is way shorter than of an ordinary person. As part of its work, the committee assessed and reviewed U. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome occurs when a mother consumes alcohol while pregnant causing the newborn to develop a mental and physical disability. This research paper will review the relationship between fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and language delays or impairments. Teacher page possible disorders include behavioral and some healp. Changes in mental development 5. Alcohol abuse during this period affects the formation of cartilage during the whole embryonic stage. Psychological analysis of this phenomenon reveals that they start doing something just to get any kind of attention. One of the most frowned upon things that come with drinking in our society is drinking during pregnancy. Suggestions how to deal with FAS-children It is obvious that children with FAS do not quiet fit in the contemporary society with all its requirements. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects three major spheres of the fetus development: 1.

Second, these weak population results could also suggest that prenatal exposure to low levels of alcohol occasionally but only rarely lead to behavioral, educational, and psychological effects in an individual that do have clinical significance.

Nevertheless, FAS remains a combination of all these features, making the life of the newborn very hard.

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Fetal alcohol syndrome essay