Five year strategic business plan

Remember that strategic planning can involve making both organisational and cultural changes to the way your business operates. But don't neglect the outcome - it's also important to make sure you capture the results in a strategic planning document that communicates clearly to everyone in your business what your top-level objectives are.

Keep your review separate from day-to-day work and be realistic, detached and critical in distinguishing between the cause and effect of how your business operates.

Work out your vision, mission, objectives, values, techniques and goals.

strategic plan example for small business

List the Company's Strategic Goals Strategic goals look at specific ways to accomplish something. The location of the business - most small businesses are located close to where the owner lives.

Once that future is envisioned, the company relies on those shorter initiatives to bring overall success. Start with the five-year goal and work backward to establish achievable goals over shorter time periods, such as one-year goals.

Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Your financial projections help in multiple ways.

Our qualified agents can help you. Section 1: Executive Summary The Executive Summary of your strategic plan should be completed last, and this section merely summarizes each of the other sections of your plan.

Section 3: Company Mission Statement Your company mission statement explains what your business is trying to achieve. It involves setting out your overall goals for your business. This is proving to be particularly problematic in high-tech sectors, and without a strategic plan, companies risk falling short of achieving their goals.

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