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This supreme pride that has enveloped that thought is almost Shakespearian in the way that it exposes the sordid pride of a tragic character.

humanity in frankenstein

He compares himself to a lion, which may have been his mindset when he was killing people before. This shocks his psyche.

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However, he is brutally rejected by them and is forced to become lonely and revengeful. Shelley was born in London on August 30th, and died on February 1, The monster is a male who learns to talk, read, interact, and survive in an unfamiliar world by himself.

Victor Frankenstein completely abandons his creation because of its revolting appearance and refuses to take responsibility for the creature by denying him a suitable companion.

Percy Shelley wrote a review shortly after the third edition of Frankenstein was published.

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Romantics valued Individualism and thought that being close to nature would make them closer to God Morner and Rausch. In short, a human being can be defined by many things, some of them god and some of them bad, and I believe that the novel Frankenstein can teach us about them. This shocks his psyche. This brings up questions such as, was the creature genetically inclined to be evil, or did the hostility he encountered turn him evil. Within the basic Ego of Man, Id is destined to be reviled for his concrete existence. Instead of being the created, Victor takes God's place and becomes the creator. For Victor, his curiosity, results in his creation of the monster, the literal incarnation of his Id. He continues to make mistakes throughout the book, mainly in regards to his creation. Hence, the sublime alpine ecosystem where Frankenstein takes place has a great impact on the characters of the novel. Curiosity drives the character of Victor Frankenstein to devote his life to science. Unlike the soul, Victor designed his creation with purpose. Humanity is what differs our species from any other type of life. Victor often defies the laws of nature set by God to create his monster. Victor drives the Monster away for the simple fact that he is incredibly hideous.
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The Nature of Humanity in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essay Example