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You can't answer all of those questions. Writing Great Reviews Does a career spent reviewing movies, music, books, TV shows, or restaurants seem like Nirvana to you? An excellent feature requires meticulous research. It opened like this: [Ray] would sometimes tell him during their phone conversations, always between 10 a.

This will help you to maintain focus during the conversation and to ask questions that will elicit compelling responses.

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Feature stories, on the other hand, aim to do much more. Ray was known for changing into three different suits throughout the day as he wandered downtown Flint, Mich. Continue Reading. What Is a Feature Article in Journalism? But if these quotes have been gathered by someone other than you, and in particular if they have already been published, you MUST say where they came from. Updated July 30, For those who love words and the craft of writing, there's nothing like producing a great feature story. A profile feature lede can take one of many forms. Here are some ways to find them. In hard news writing, the answer is easy: Keep the story short, sweet, and to the point. You can't answer all of those questions. But features are meant to be longer and to tackle their topics in greater depth and detail. Look for the different milestones in your own story, the highs and lows the key players go through that define their journeys. The focus should be on a news angle or a single aspect of the subject's personal or professional life. Outlining your story is the best way to start.

You still may have a fine article on your hands. Ask the most important question.

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What Is a Feature Article in Journalism? When interviewing leaders and experts, you should always have a basic understanding of the work they have done which has prompted you to look to those people as sources.

Informative Informative features contain more research. Some essay examples include literary criticism, arguments and recollections. Don't overuse direct quotes. If it doesn't, leave it out.

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How to Write a Profile Feature Article