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A branding campaign designed for your target market should not require a huge investment. They will be proud to wear it because AAG is their own.

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The focus was totally on the youth plus the entertainment within. AAG TV was the first one to took a step to unite them all and bring them under one roof, which served as the sole objective of the channel: i. The DVF brand caters to women of all ages in all stages of their life.

Lakdawalla discussed in-depth factors of branding, He emphasised that it is essential to understand consumers and their demands and facilitate them.

brand archetypes

This bilingual approach meets the challenges of advertising in Pakistan. Like humour, sad emotional?

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A new brand architecture should be developed around how youths perceive the entertainment related categories. Let AAG become a role model for youths. AAG TV was basically established in He told me that AAG TV is not a musical channel it is a channel for youth by the youth and prime objective was to empower the youth by programming them and uniting them on one platform. Are the ones, who understand what the brand stands for…its associations, assets, personality… to whom it is directed and in what competitive context it exists for them? This paper also talks about how any product or business strives to survive amongst others in terms of developing an identity and maintaining it, there is a whole team in creating the identity of a brand, different departments as a group of individuals work hard in bringing the image of a brand to their consumers. Further adding, he said that they are the ones whom the brand is directed to and they are the ones for the competition amongst brands exist. Telling about Brand Identity, he told me that the physical and visual traits of a brand for instance, Name, term, symbol, or design is the brand identity. The reason i took survey from different age groups and genders is to categorize dissimilar thoughts about the brand identity and their views on AAG TV. Customers like to feel that they are dealing with an established, reliable business. So you have to have effective onscreen presentation no doubt but that has to go hand in hand with good content. How the consumer perceives it equally important as all of these efforts, so it is actually both the brand and the consumer who set the overall image of the brand. Page d'accueil Dissertations Dvf: an iconic brand for So each of these TV channels defiantly has a brand identity as well and they have to be then place with. By this survey, the main point which I came across is the target audience.
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