Lab 6 diffusion

Answer: They were encouraged to contact us if there were any questions or concerns. How will you analyze your data? There is a size limit for cells thatthey cannot surpass.

Line graph: Shows the relationship between variables using plotted points that are connected with aline. Chemical bonds also store energy. Switch to the 10X objective and readjust the focus so the slide is clear.

escience lab 6 diffusion answers

Explain how thismay influence the experiment. If an indicator such as bromothymol blue is present, whatdo you think would happen?

Escience diffusion and osmosis lab answers

Experiment 2: Virtual MicroscopeMaterialsVirtual Microscope on Student PortalNote: Review the directions for signing in to the Student Portal at thebeginning of this manual if uncertain how to access this informationProcedure1. The periodic table has been used to categorize these elements. There are many types of microscopes that range from low—level magnification i. Though the bonds holding pyruvatetogether contain a great deal of potential energy, this stepyields little energy. She has mainly taught marine science, but has also taught biology and physical science here and there. Results: This is the data obtained from the experiment. Hemodialysis is a method of removing toxicsubstances from the blood when the kidneysare unable to do so. Note: If the coverslip is added too quickly, large air bubbles may become trapped whichcan cause difficulty viewing the slide.

When finished, wash hands and lab equipment thoroughly with soap and water.

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Lab 6: Diffusion and Osmosis