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Conclusion These lounges are a good way to have a relaxing start to your trip, whether it is to get some work done or to celebrate a special occasion.

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For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. The luxuriously soft and supremely comfortable pillow is generously sized and comes in a white cotton pillowcase, designed to help you relax by day and provide the perfect place to rest your head by night.

The one area that was slightly lacking was the spirit selection which was a bit limited.

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Despite several wines on offer in the minibar, there was no Champagne. More about baggage allowances Arrive in style We've teamed up with the Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf Hotel in London to provide an arrivals service that will leave you relaxed, refreshed and prepared for your busy day ahead: delicious and nutritious breakfast options gym and shower facilities as well as preferential rates on spa treatments free Wi-Fi and cutting-edge business services help arranging clothes pressing and onward transportation Booking is essential so please speak to a member of our customer service team at New York JFK check-in, in the lounge, or at the boarding gate to make arrangements.

I received a number of strange looks from both passengers and ground crew as I sat in the passenger seat of a van, in casual clothes, by myself, on a busy airport tarmac. The light was fading quickly as the sun set, and my attendant started driving across the tarmac to my plane.

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If you wanted even more privacy there is also a small side room. If you are into business jets and flying from London City, it would also be worth investing in a visit to one of the lounges. The entire lounge staff seemed to mobilize, with lots of radio communication and serious faces for little old me.

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I wandered the few steps to the front desk to ask for ice, and the attendant apologized and quickly brought me a full bucket. Cons: High compulsory entry price, unglamorous entrance and no privacy. No problem We know how valuable your time is, so you can check in for the flight to JFK up to 20 minutes before departure. From the side room looking into the main room. This involved an awkward situation where I had to remove my liquids bag with my personal toiletries and he carried this, with my luggage, away to security for me. I quickly found the PJC-branded Mercedes van in the carpark only a few metres from the terminal. Adrianne was waiting for me and within a couple of minutes I was sitting in the business class lounge. I got the feeling staff prided themselves on passengers not having to ask for anything and were embarrassed by this minor oversight. The only way to access the First Class Lounge is to buy a single-entry ticket. To book the lounge you can use the LoungeBuddy app which I discussed here.

For those that would like to visit a lounge, there is now a solution with 2 lounges to choose from, Business and First Class, in the Private Jet Terminal. There were understandably no photos allowed here. After I passed through security, I walked a few steps outside onto the tarmac to another waiting van with a number of lounge and security staff escorting me, just a few feet away from the private jets.

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Nothing was too much trouble for Ramon, and he encouraged me to sit wherever I liked. If you would like to dine on board, our cabin crew will personally serve you your meal rather than using a trolley, to keep disturbance to a minimum. The driver, Ramon, knew who I was immediately and greeted me warmly. There is a small menu of food to chose from but if you have a hankering for something specific such as a curry or a Nandos, the lounge will have it delivered for you at extra cost. He wished me a pleasant journey, and I boarded my flight to Berlin. Approximately halfway through my visit, Ramon then brought in a plate of macarons and other assorted small desserts. Ramon parked right next to our plane and then asked for my boarding pass he still had my passport and walked quickly inside to the gate area for British Airways staff to board me.
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