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The sounds and tones of five Tibetan languages of the Himalayan region. Watters, Stephen. I think he means that in! Many of the northern Magars who became Christian met with police brutality and were punished with prison. Defining documentary linguistics. There are also speech varieties that do not obviously relate to any of the other major groups, such as the varieties spoken in the single villages of Ghusbang and Miruli. Language endangerment and language revitalization. Ascending a dramatic 5, meters or 17, feet into the Himalayan skies, Everest Base Camp is truly a magnificent journey for trekkers from all walks of life. Although some cultural, rituals differences exist that arise from the distinction between these two Magarats-- Bara Magarat and Aathara Magarat.

This kind of encyclopedic entry can give a more accurate view of linguistic diversity than the unitary categorization of lists, although I am aware that even an encyclopedic style entry must categorize speech varieties at some level of abstraction.

While ethnic names and linguistic labels help to enumerate linguistic diversity, they also obfuscate it, and may not be a good proxy for measurement of diversity.

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It is only in this census, for example, that Magar Kham is first enumerated as a distinct language. Biraj Thapa Magar was the very first army chief in Nepal Army's history. I refer primarily to the work of de Sales, but draw also on the writing of D. My perspective of the northern Magar is unique, as both an insider and outsider, giving me a long-term, intergenerational view of life among them. Linguistic Identity and Dialect Diversity: A Conundrum with Regard to Magar Kham must be taken into account in documentation and revitalization efforts. The recognition of several distinct languages spoken by the Magar represents significant progress in the recognition of linguistic diversity at the national level. Watters speculates that the early Nepali linguistic influence on their language came not from the high priestly and warrior castes, but from the settlement of the kamis and damais, the artisan castes that brought with them superior tools for agriculture. The census put the total population of those who spoke the Magar language at ,, i. Ethnologue: Languages of Nepal. Some of these languages from four different language families are spoken in Nepal Eppele et al.

The composite view of earlier intelligibility studies, observation of language use when traveling through Magar Kham speaking areas, and morphosyntactic comparison demonstrates that Magar Kham is comprised of at least four distinct speech varieties, with numerous sub-varieties.

While all of this bodes well for the survival of the northern Magar ethnicity, the rise of a linguistic identity will potentially have an adverse effect on the diverse varieties known collectively as Magar Kham.

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Babies are capable of acquiring two languages simultaneously. These tools are placed in the hands of our scholars so that they can iterate and act on reader feedback to improve their work.

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Prof Dr. Magars constitute the largest number of Gurkha soldiers outside Nepal. Born partly out of frustration with this, the Maoist political party turned to armed resistance in , ending in with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord. It was a sort of prodding into the history of Nepal. The sounds and tones of five Tibetan languages of the Himalayan region. Tonal contrasts in Sherpa. I am indebted to Dr. Uss paid par ek bandar rahta tha.
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