Mixture of comedy and tragedy in

I am reminded of the play The Importance of Being Ernest and the humor by way of mistaken identity. On the other hand, comedy turns into a tragedy due to the haplessness of these tramps.

It contains both tragedy and comedy. The characters of farce are typically fantastic or absurd and usually far more ridiculous than those in other forms of comedy.

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Catharsis of these feelings fulfills the second requirement of tragedy. These two kinds of tragedies are remarkable in English Literature.

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The narration in a comedy often involves union and togetherness as we see in the marriage scene at the end of Midsummer's Night Dream. Why can't they just be reasonable and act normally?

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing defined it as a mixture of emotions in which "seriousness stimulates laughter, and pain pleasure.

Lear would sooner face the storm on the heath than compromise his sense of being horribly wronged by his daughters; Macbeth wills himself to more killings as the only means to resolve the psychological torment he feels; Othello sets himself up as the sole judge and executioner of Desdemona.

I offer this here as a fertile suggestion which we may take up later on.

Tragedy and comedy differences

If Anton Chekhov says that he has written a comedy instead of tragedy then may be unintentionally he has given this play such ingredients, which are required for a tragedy. She spends huge amount on luxuries of life. Typically, the dramatic narrative will open with some sense of a normal society: we see people of all kinds going about their business, and in witnessing this initial state of affairs we quickly ascertain the various ranks of people, the bonds which hold them together, and something about their value system. There is something passionately uncompromising about their obsessive egoism which will only accept life on their own terms--in a sense they are radically unsociable beings although they may occupy, and in Shakespeare almost always do occupy, important social positions. The play has been dubbed a tragedy by many of its latter producers. Also it can be seen in absurdist drama. Modern Tragedy. And so on. In book 8 of his Etymologies, he cites Horace's etymology for tragedy, taking it to mean that the poets were originally held in low esteem, but that later they became highly regarded for the skill of their very realistic stories. In a sense, the comic confusion will often force the individual to encounter things he or she has taken for granted, and dealing with these may well test many different resources above all faith, flexibility, perseverance, and trust in other people. Shakespeare and Tragedy. The comic vision of experience is common to many cultures. Dante's own definitions of comedy and tragedy in De vulgari eloquentia are not connected to ideas of misery or felicity. It is incorporated with jokes throughout the story, just to lighten the tone. It is the story of an elite family that is on the verge of losing its inherited estate.

Edited and translated by Stephen Halliwell. In a true tragedy, the hero's demise must come as a result of some personal error or decision.

Mixture of comedy and tragedy in
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Ian Johnston, "Dramatic Structure: Comedy and Tragedy"