Multiple extraction of caffeine from dried

extracting caffeine from coffee using ethyl acetate

Ten grams of tea leaves was boiled in a solution of 4. The theory of extraction lies in the concept of immiscibility between two phases to separate a solute from the other phase. The liquid-liquid extraction has two types which are single extraction and multiple extraction.

Thepercentage yield was 0. It is an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring freshly-boiled water on the cured, young leaves of an Asian-native shrub, Camellia sinensis.

extraction of caffeine from tea research paper

The pre-weighed 10 g of dried green tea leaves were added to the mixture and were left to be soaked and immersed. After evaporation, the evaporating dish containing the crude caffeine residue was weighed using an analytical balance.

The type of extraction that was used in this experiment was the solid-liquid extraction.

soxhlet extraction of caffeine from tea
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Isolation of Caffeine From Tea Leaves Using Multiple Extraction