My favorite childhood place

We used to pack up all five of us and our Irish setter into our good old diesel, wood-panel station wagon and drive everywhere!

Revisiting childhood places

There are so many more places that I just think are fabulous, that I attended as a child. To begin, it had a marvelous location. I was so excited, I just started running toward it without saying anything to my mom. There are no TVs, no internet or cell phone access. He allowed me to eat whatever I wanted. It was such a huge deal, we even made signs for the team during art time. Against the wall at the back of the rooftop, there was a water tub made of bricks and cement with a faucet attached to it so that they could get water to take care of flowers. Two simple memories, but the physical time that my parents spent with just me meant so much, especially since I am the youngest of three children.

It was exhilarating to be there in those days. And my favourite childhood memory was exploring the paddy fields and streams behind our home with my cousins. It was a real place, a community in balance with itself that provided guideposts to a wider, adult world for its young people — including the way out.

I remember having to fill out the deposit slips, and feeling as if I was a big grown up. So my best memory…opening up my own back account when I was My parents would pack and prepare for a few weeks before we took off.

The sun was filtered through their branches down toward us. And do you have a question you would like to pose to our WMB writers? I used to watch my aunty making her own whit cheese, kefir, sour cream.

my favourite childhood memory

For all of that, my grandparents' house was in my memory as the most favorite place that I visited during my childhood. I encourage you to head out to this lovely park this summer for a picnic and play time with the kids.

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My Favorite Childhood Place