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Vssadmin is used to create, delete, and list information about shadow copies and includes commands such as: vssadmin list providers - Lists all registered VSS providers vssadmin list writers - Lists all subscribed VSS writers vssadmin create shadow - Creates a new shadow copy vssadmin delete shadows - Deletes shadow copies vssadmin list shadows - Lists existing volume shadow copies vssadmin list shadowstorage - Lists volume shadow copy storage associations vssadmin add shadowstorage - Adds a volume shadow copy storage association.

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Make sure that the latest service packs and rollups are installed. He oriented us to Datto environment very well and is always available to answer questions.

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We are very pleased with the results. Ron Rizzi 17 Jul 17 So Yes it does. While sponsorship may be obtained by an applicant in order to become a legitimate member, sponsorship is no guarantee of membership.

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[SOLVED] VSS writer and backup issues