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What makes paper shredding different form paper recycling? Companies choose this service when they for instance had their annual clean-out of old documents and records. There is actually a thriving market for personal information online.

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You can also hire an industrial paper shredder for a limited time to shred large amounts of documents at the office. Fill the tray and walk away, the shredder does the shredding for you. With on-site shredding it takes up too much time to shred large volumes in front of your office.

Read more about the AAA certification program. Paper shredding is a service which comes prior to paper recycling. Absolute Shredding is a highly experienced company based out of Hackettstown, NJ. Count on us for private, commercial, or industrial shredding needs, and enjoy peace of mind from knowing your documents are being handled by professionals.

These industrial shredders do basically the same thing as a personal paper shredder machine, which is shredding paper. This is an ideal shredder for shredding high volumes of documents. We offer mobile document shredding services in Hackettstown, NJ.

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