Physical evidence of airline industrty

There are various ways to segment the target markets.

7ps of marketing mix in airlines

Attractive positioning of products and services is the major success factor for British Airways. There are many legal problems have arisen in the airline industry, British Airways has faced legal issues when government applied restrictions on the mergers and this restriction affect the merger proposal between American Airlines and British Airways.

Some of the bigger aircrafts have more than the usual facilities on board. All these factors influence the growth and development of any organization. Demographic variable —British Airways have segmented the market on the basis of various demographic variables such as income, gender, age, education, etc.

October 13, by compellingpm Leave a Comment The airline industry consistently ranks as one of the most disliked industries in the United States, along with health care, the postal service and telco providers. So they were controlling the consumption by making it a little less convenient to get water.

The company has developed various strategies such as: With the introduction of mobile application services for business class customers, the company has upgraded the customer experiences The company has also provided texting and mobile services for business class customers during on-flight hours.

importance of physical evidence

The aircraft by itself, the seating configuration meant to be comfortable and spacious, and the in-flight food provide physical evidence to the airline service.

British Airways target a segment of citizens involving primary market of ABC1, which preferred high class services provided by British Airways. So this brings up another interesting point.

The aircrafts must have well designed seats with more leg room especially in the business class. It is also rendered to one of the largest airlines based on number of flights on roll and number of destination it covers.

Let me relate a story that show how a simple application of the 3Ps of service the new 3Ps in addition to the traditional 4Ps might make a difference.

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Service Marketing Mix in Airlines Industry