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The following methods are being adopted in different schools in India. Games, puzzles, dolls, vehicles child powered rather than battery powered.

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How much do you travel? Working with children is emotionally and physically demanding. Encourage the older children to help the younger children with simple tasks such as tying shoes and buttoning or zipping coats; it reinforces their independence, sharpens their skills and fosters friendship and learning among peers.

Delivery and Management: This chapter should include the methodology of your business.

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Heavy cardboard cartons and wooden crates from grocery stores can also be used to build storage units. Some problems can be prevented by having selected things where the children can reach them e.

Today children are not forced to learn, but, encouraged to play and they learn in that process. Paper, card, wood, fabrics and scrap materials Children should have opportunities to work with materials of different textures which will offer them sensory experiences.

Hand coordination and motor skills activity Introduce buttoning, zipping up clothes and typing. Homework, maintaining dairies, tasks for parents. Games like language games, puzzles. Action songs The wheels on the bus Heads, shoulders, knees etc If youre happy and you know it Exercises Warm up and stretch different parts of the body.

We are preschool business consultants and help you develop a systematic preschool business plan in India.

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