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Because it is about telling my story. The hard part being, I still fail to understand why he did what he did. Gupta believes was his prosecutorial overreach. The problem then is they all want to own it, control it, put their name on it.

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During the dot-com bubble he and Anil Kumar created a program for McKinsey to accept payment from its clients in stock. When my own trial came around, prosecutors spun a handful of circumstantial interactions and hearsay statements into a compelling story, amassing mountains of meaningless documentation to overwhelm the jury and shore up their tenuous case.

Yes, it hurt. Gupta added. In this conversation with Firstpost, Gupta talks about how the book is a way to tell his story, and why he decided to write about the more personal aspects of his life.

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Gupta said. June 15, Jury convicts Gupta of leaking insider secrets to Rajaratnam. Mc-Kinsey gave me many more such opportunities, ultimately electing me the first non-American-born leader of the company, a role I would hold for the maximum permitted nine years.

He was sentenced to two years in prison. Having lost both my parents in my teens, as the oldest son it was my responsibility to bring us financial stability.

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He was found not guilty on two other counts. The prosecutors were skilful in manipulating the press to report these same assertions. In the book, Gupta writes about some of the more personal aspects of his life, such as his time at IIT and the story of how his daughter visited him in jail after her first break-up. At first, I was rebuffed. The book requires the reader to suspend disbelief in the judicial system. She had left a number, and asked me to call before a certain time if I had any comments, but by the time I got the message it was already too late. He is also known to ask colleagues to take a break at his Colorado ranch with their families - something unheard of in the McKinsey world at that time. Bharara and what Mr. Unlike conventional insider tipsters, Mr. In he was elected the firm's first managing director chief executive born outside of the US, and then re-elected twice in and Rajaratnam could trade on inside information. Gupta — who spent years at the top of the Wall Street pecking order — to use that critique to cast himself as a victim.
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America made me but its justice system failed me: Rajat Gupta