Ship breaking yard and its impacts

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Rahman I. Shipbreaking activities are a source of lethal POPs. Lipman Zada.

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The scraps from the ships are staked haphazardly on the sea shore, leaving behind an accumulation of metal fragments and rust particularly iron in the soil.

Some of the major environmental problems relating to land use changes in the coastal areas of Bangladesh : A review Journal of Geography and Regional Planning 4 January 1—8.

Shiue H. Hougee M.

Ship breaking yard and its impacts

Quddus M. As a result, toxic concentration of ammonia, marine organisms found in seawater had an increase in PH levels. Bangladesh Ship Breaking Association. Tuong J. Hossain S. Talukder M. Cotzias shipping group. February Workers take out asbestos insulation materials with their bare hands. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 5 — Sarraf M.

It can also cause damage to blood vessels. Indiscriminate expansion of ship breaking activities poses a real threat to the coastal inter-tidal zone and its habitat.

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Environmental Pollution