Strategic change management literature review

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These reactions can be categorized according to three dimensions: cognitive, emotional and intentional Piderit ; p. With a focus on complex stakeholder networks and public private partnerships PPPssome studies address the role of public organisations in changing or shaping their own contexts e.

Hartley and S. However, these behavioural effects do not necessarily contribute to the anticipated outcome value. The second, radical, pathway is used in deregulated domestic markets and in the context of rapid technological developments.

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What gaps exist in this literature that could form the basis for a future research agenda? Oxford: Oxford University Press. Coincidentally, these are also the studies that rely on the most objective, output-based evaluations of the effects of change.

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Reichard also studied local government reform in Germany, although focusing more on the s. The key elements are similar to the first two.

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Resistance to change: a literature review and empirical study