Technology is laziness

News at your fingertips We mentioned Wikipedia, Quora, and Twitter earlier: services that make it easier for us to source information online.

Spell check, calculators and digital readouts do simple tasks that used to be carried out by and. Quality time with friends With so many friends to keep track of, who actually has the time to hangout in real life anymore?

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RSS readers are a great way of subscribing to the news you find most relevant to your interests. No more running your own errands Too busy living your easy life to actually handle errands yourself?

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Technology is invading our freedom to think and work as technology is replacing people in many occupations. What are those things that we think really will no longer be here? Humans were now beyond genius. There are many modern causes of laziness, including diseases, disorders and others. Get Essay Firstly, technology makes us fat. This has certainly dulled our basic skills. Technology were so convenient till it act as a medium in procrastination, humans tend to build excuses from doing things that need to done. We should not use vehicles for short distance but should walk the way.

When humans lived in small groups, privacy was essentially non-existent. The internet has made online classes possible which made it possible for students to wake up at anytime and attend class in their pajamas. Journalists mining for stories It used to be that news came directly from the sources, or from hard research on the field.

The environment of being out in a place with fresh air is completely different from being trapped inside a room.

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Technology is Leading to Laziness