Textual criticism and canon of scripture

Third: Catholic tradition has always accepted the Apocrypha. Harrison, and H. These were chosen to "be with" Christ in a unique way cf. We accept certain books and reject others, not because any church says so, but because Christ laid down certain principles and promises regarding the Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible.

Some scholars think it was a circular letter, possibly Ephesians. The Bible is the foundation Matt. Sometimes Jesus referred to the whole O. Some are vaguely possible, the others assume errors in the Bible. The Mormon cult accepts these as inspired and canonical.

And the Spirit confirms this.

textual criticism new testament

Tentative as this conclusion is, however, it is still evidence that early Christian bookmakers did not have to be told by ecclesiastical superiors what was in the canon.

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What Is Textual Criticism? Why Is the Textual Criticism of the Bible Necessary? by Don Stewart