The difficulties of education and military oppression in burma

The difficulties of education and military oppression in burma

The upstream petroleum business is open to foreign investors, whereas downstream is restricted. Climate change.

How did the rohingya crisis start

State autonomy: The persistence of military state capture. Rohingya Muslims have been exposed to methodical harassment and serious human right misuses by authorities for years. A peace agreement could put additional pressure on forests and accelerate deforestation: when the armed groups that previously controlled various forest areas lay down arms, these areas will be available for companies involved in illegal logging. While the ideals of Buddhist canonical texts promote peace and pacifism, discrepancies between reality and precepts easily flourish in times of social, political and economic insecurity, such as Myanmar's current transition to democracy. Despite the appearance of civilian rule, the military remained the primary power-holder in the country. These traffickers take advantage of asylum-seekers' desperation by exploiting them for money, with many of their victims being beaten, sold, or killed if they or their families do not comply with their demands. In December, the UNHRC held a special session condemning the violations, urging the government to grant access to the council-created Fact-Finding Mission, and calling on the government to address root causes, such as statelessness and the denial of citizenship to Rohingya. Sporadic fighting in Chin State with the Arakan Army, comprised of ethnic Rakhine Buddhists, endangered civilians, forcing hundreds from their homes. Today, members of the Muslim minority group cannot set foot on the campus of Sittwe University and a handful of armed police near the university's main entrance, along with a civilian guard at the gate, make sure no one breaks the rule. Human rights violations[ edit ] Despite Myanmar's commitment to some international conventions, its domestic laws severely oppresses various minority groups, especially the Rohingya. In India, many Buddhists had been persecuted by the Mughal empire. Access was also restricted in government-controlled areas and for local organizations.

According to the United Nations reports, as of JanuarynearlyRohingya people had fled or had been driven out of Rakhine state who then took shelter in the neighboring Bangladesh as refugees. Some but not all branches of the organization complied.

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What is more, international humanitarian aid has been blockedpreventing necessities like food, water and medicine from reaching a quarter of a million people.

In October, authorities sentenced two Kachin Baptist community leaders, Dumdaw Nawng Lat and Langjaw Gam Seng, to four years and two years in prison, respectively, under section 17 1. The mass exodus in has led to an international humanitarian crisis because of the deliberate refusal and alleged inability of host States in South-east Asia to accommodate the vast number of asylum-seekers.

The minority are widely despised in the country, accused of being illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh and mostly denied citizenship.

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