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People want to copy the images of celebrities and often have a famous person they like to refer to as an idol or an inspiration. The groom's family would introduce themselves and ask permission for their son to marry his bride.

The war was a twenty year war starting in and ending in In the engagement ceremony, the bride will wear the traditional Ao Dai, and the clothing for the groom will be suit. This day is the culmination of desires, day dreams, hopes and anxieties.

The ceremony The wedding ceremony begins in front of the altar.

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A Vietnamese wedding reception held at a venue. During the party, the band will play music very loud so that everyone area pays attention to their wedding party. Symbols[ edit ] Vietnamese sayings of good fortune and a happy marriage for the couple are seen in many wedding decorations.

The groom's family would stop in front of the bride's house. Modern infusions in religion and culture[ edit ] A Vietnamese couple wearing a Western wedding gown and a tuxedo for their wedding.

The mother of the bride will comb the bride's hair as a symbol of their last moment together as mother and daughter. However, in the last few decades, the practice of arranged marriages became obsolete, and the engagement ceremony is barely practiced.

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Vietnam culture: vietnamese traditional weddings