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Student group 3 Cindy can lead discussions but is a little argumentative.

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Others will respect you and feed off of your positivity. Andrea is talkative and can criticise without offending others. Collaborate with people and accept that you won't always have the answers. Say thank you. Your examples should convey how, when, and where you applied your skills or interests, and the outcomes. References 3. Groupwork and teamwork has a shared vision - it knows what it wants to achieve puts the desired team outcome first: individual interests take a secondary place is clear about targets and priorities - and agrees these together can make decisions has members with different strengths, who can make different contributions includes all members, everybody counts, efforts are made to ensure that nobody feels left out or undervalued Good team members: respect the time of all members are punctual for meetings complete their own targets to deadline so that other people are not kept waiting respect the opinions of others in the team take turns keep each other informed about developments Support groups Setting up a support group is a good opportunity to develop people skills whilst also gaining and offering support. Lei encourages others to speak but is not a good time keeper. Make some reference, however brief, to what they have been saying before you change the subject. When people feel stressed and exhausted, being able to have a concrete memory of successes can help them keep going.

For personal questionnaire like this, triads are normally recommend as most people will feel more comfortable to have an honest discussion with a very small group than they would with a larger group. To gain a personal insight on how I relate to others.

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Say thank you. Not only do you need to have the ability to perform the physical and mental tasks of the job, but you must also be able to work with and deal effectively with others.

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Your task is to decide on the best way to form the three groups taking into account the students' personalities and different skills, so that they complement each other. You respect your own rights while also respecting the rights of others.

Assertiveness allows you to set clear boundaries with others, including: Your right to prioritise your own tasks Your right to decline requests Your right to make requests of others Your right to privacy and confidentiality These are just some of the many rights which you are entitled to in the workplace.

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How to Answer "Do You Work Well With Other People?"