Writing about going to the zoo

Outside, it was warm and sunny. While carnivores are fed meat, herbivores feed on grass and other vegetation.

a visit to a zoo 100 words

Its flashing glare and sharp teeth filled us with fear. The sight of a white duck swimming on the smooth surface of clean water was a wonderful delight.

A visit to a zoo 200 words

The habitats include forests of varied flora and vegetation, mountainous areas of varying altitudes, deserts of different kinds, and many varied water bodies. The zoo is an area where many different wildlife species are housed. People can go and visit zoos as they are open for public viewing. After sometimes, we returned to our school. A zoo in Delhi, for example, would have wildlife seen in the wild areas in and around Delhi, as also in other parts of India, and also from other countries. We hope these paragraphs on Zoo will help students in completing their school assignments. I could not understand the reason behind it. It has great attraction particularly for the children. Written by — N. We spent five hours in the zoo. So a zoo in a place would have animals seen elsewhere in the country and from other countries too. While terrestrial animals live on land, aquatic ones live in water bodies. Long and Short Paragraph on Zoo Paragraph on Zoo 1 Words A zoo is a place where a number of wildlife species are housed in separate enclosures. The majestic elephant, the mammoth rhinoceros and the large hippopotamus, all of which are herbivores, can also be seen in a zoo.

We also saw many other fauna like crocodiles, snakes, frogs, fish ad a hundred other creatures. In a zoo the animals live in separate enclosures, and the natural habitats of the animals are also re-created.

Writing about going to the zoo

The varied birds that can be seen in the zoo let you see many different colours of plumage. The mammals, birds, amphibians, fishes and reptiles that are kept in a zoo are found naturally in the wild in different kind of habitats. There are mammals, amphibians, birds, fishes as also reptiles that are housed in a zoo. Paragraph on Zoo 3 Words A zoo is a property that houses wildlife species from around the world. A zoo in Delhi, for example, would have wildlife seen in the wild areas in and around Delhi, as also in other parts of India, and also from other countries. Visitors are allowed to go around and take a look at the wild animals. Children love to visit the zoo. Wild animals are kept and protected in the zoo Many different mammals can be seen in a zoo. I was so excited that I kept jumping on my seat. These animals were very active, sharp and smart. Carnivores do not prey for their food, but are provided their food in their enclosures. There are large mammals like the tiger, lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and hippopotamus that are housed in zoos. If animals fall sick, or develop a disease, veterinarians give them medical attention and help in curing them. We bade a silent farewell to those philosophers among birds and walked on.

You can see the red deer, spotted deer and blackbuck. The animals are fed and provided water to drink.

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I was very delighted to see my favourite animals, which included tigers, lions, leopard and cheetah. In the zoo the animals are kept in separate enclosures, and their natural habitats are re-created.

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