Writing apostrophe

She consulted with three M. This scarcity is largely a product of the desire to maintain a formal tone when reporting research, as several common uses for the apostrophe are generally considered informal.

possessive apostrophe after s

Some words or phrases are awkward to pronounce when the apostrophe is added "geese's precise formation," for example. Correct: We've had many happy Christmases. If you're in the process of learning English, make sure your apostrophes—and other punctuation marks—are in the right place with Scribendi's English editing services.

I'm so sick of this cold weather.

Use of apostrophe in business writing

Incorrect: Apostrophe's are confusing. Many writers and editors prefer an apostrophe after single capitalized letters. Incorrect: We visited the Sanchez's. When the name of the possessor ends in an s, we may write either s's or s' consider the relevant style guide, if there is one. The pre-Depression era of the '20s was a time of social change and material excess. If the noun is plural and does not end in -s, add -'s. If the name ends in -s and the pronunciation is not terribly awkward, add -'s.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, of course. Robert Burns's poetry is difficult to understand. Common rules Possessive common nouns are common nouns or pronouns that own other nouns. Apostrophes are used to indicate this possession in the following ways: If the noun does not end in -s in most cases this means it is singularadd -'s.

I bet everyone in your pub, Even the children, pushes her away.

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Apostrophe Usage in Academic Writing